Nowhere Man by Jamie Craig

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure


ISBN: 978-1-60272-319-1

Reviewed by Ley



Dr. Parley Taylorís books moved Bobbie Kendrick. From the time he was fifteen he found himself in lust with Taylor, connected to him through his words. Now at the age of twenty-three and a graduate student, Bobbie set out to meet the man who is the focus of his graduate studies.  Finding the now reclusive author was easy with the help of a private detective; getting Taylor to open up to him will be the hard part.

Nowhere Man is a terrifically written story and a very well realized storyline.  Iím going venture a guess and say the character of Dr. Parley Taylor is loosely based on Jack Kerouac a man who wrote a story that defined a generation and brought to his door the attention he thought he wanted but wasnít ready for.  The attention Taylorís books garnished sent him into hiding and feeling like a fake and phony.  Bobby took away so much from Taylorís work and he wants so badly for Taylor to believe in himself.  These two stubborn men butt heads at every turn and through some shear miracle they find common ground without betraying their true selves.  Nowhere Man isnít highly romantic or lovey dovey, but it is a beautiful well-told story of two men finding a place with each other.


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