Night Owl by Willa Okati

Changeling Press

Gay Paranormal / Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-1-60521-040-7

Reviewed by Cassie



Fresh out of the military, Taj is ready to start his life anew.  What he wants most is someone to share his home with, and a few weeks after he returns home he gets lucky.  While at a bar, he looks out the window and sees an owl.  Then a man approaches him, and somehow he knows the man is the owl.  He and Alder, the owl, begin an affair, but can he stay the course when his owl loses his wings?

Night Owl is an unusual story in many ways.  I donít believe Iíve ever read about an owl-shifter before, so that was a first for me.  Willa Okati also made the surprising choice of writing the story all in present tense, which was weird at first.  Once I got used to it, however, the present tense actually made me feel more like part of the action.  Taj is surprisingly well-developed for a story of this length.  Heís sweet, sexy, and intensely loyal, willing to ride out whatever he has to for the man he loves.  Alderís point of view isnít shown, so heís less developed.  His depression at the loss of his wings is understandable, however.  The best part of Night Owl, in my opinion, is the emotion.  I felt Tajís emotions right along with him: love, pain, hope.  Feeling along with Taj made the ending all the more satisfying.  If youíre looking for a quick, emotional tale with an unusual shifter, pick up Night Owl.


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