Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen

A Novel of The Final Prophecy, Book 1

Signet Eclipse

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0451224378

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



The final prophecy of the Mayan people states that the year 2012 is the end time.  During this end time, evil will rise and a day of reckoning like none before will happen.  Only the Nightkeepers, a pre-selected group of priests and warriors, will be able to control antique magic and spells to drive the demonic forces back to the underworld.  The heir apparent to the Nightkeeper throne is Striking Jaguar, the son of the last king.  Ever since the supposed annihilation of his people years ago, Strike has grown up convinced that he was the only one left.  Strike is almost unable to fathom the fact that he isnít and with just a few weeks left before the next equinox, Strike must call for each of his fellow warriors to return home and begin their training.  Strikeís duty to his people as king is much more complicated than he could have ever imagined.  It is up to Strike to call the Mayan god needed to fight the demonic evil from the underworld.  However, with his kingship comes a hardship.  Before the Mayan god will hear Strikeís prayers, a sacrifice must be made.  And her name is Leah Daniels.

Leah Daniels is investigating the death of her brother when she is double crossed by her informant and captured.  Upon regaining consciousness, Leah finds herself tied and chained to a stone alter and if she is hearing correctly, SHE is to be the sacrifice given to appease a demon of the underworld.  Fighting for her life with strength she didnít know she had, Leah is helped by a beautiful man that she has never met but whom her body knows. After all, she has been dreaming about him for weeks.  Not expecting the emotional ties she begins to feel for Strike, Leah fights them, but the two of them have got to come up with a plan for the equinox because if they donít someone might die, as a sacrifice.  Strike knows he must make a sacrifice, but is unsure he will be able to follow through with it.

I love finding new authors and while Jessica Andersen is not a novice when it comes to writing novels, she is a new author to me since I had not read her before. I found Nightkeepers to be exotic in places and harsh in others.  Strike and his fellow fighters had a big job ahead of them. A job that I often felt they were ill prepared to do but if their wining their war against the evil lord of the underworld could be based upon fortitude and gumption, this small band of unlikely warriors would win hands down. Strikeís infatuation and ultimate love for Leah was apparent in every scene.  I could feel the emotional intensity of both Leah and Strike and there is nothing better an author can give a reader than that.

Nightkeepers by Jessica Anderson is stunningly climatic and emotionally gripping.  It leaves you wanting and begging for more of this insanely addictive series.  I canít wait for book two titled Dawnkeepers!



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