Nick of Time by Scott & Scott

Loose Id

M/M Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-642-2

Reviewed by Ley



Nick is tired of the gay life.  For him it has only brought cheating boyfriends, heartbreak and disappointment. So now heís swearing off the life altogether and is planning to marry Una, an Irish woman and the mother of three who needs a green card in order to stay in the country.  Everything seems to be going as planned until Brent Sawyer rolls into town for his sisterís wedding.  Brent is everything Nick has been trying to avoid but he is also everything Nick wants.

Brent is fresh from a break up of his own, and getting involved with someone new was not on his list when he came home for his sisterís wedding.  Brent is interested in Nick at first glance but is deterred by Nickís cold and aloof behavior towards him.  Can Brent be the one to knock down the wall of denial Nick built around himself and save him from making the biggest mistake of his life?

Nick of Time is okay, but not as good as I hoped.  Brent and Nick are hot together and the chemistry is great, but thereís too much pulling close then pushing away between them and their roles of predator and prey kept flip-flopping.  Because of that I felt they didnít have enough peaceful loving time together.   Some of their time together was good, even though most of it consisted of jumping to conclusions and not saying or asking the obvious.  For lovers of Scott & Scottís work Nick of Time is worth reading and although I was frustrated at times while reading it, the ending did leave me smiling.


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