Never Dare a Duke by Gayle Callen

Avon Books


ISBN: 978-0-06-123506-1

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Abigail Shaw is the daughter of a newspaperman, whose paper is failing.  An under-the-radar reporter, Abigail is intent on saving the paper.  She decides the paper could increase sales if it included a little gossip and her target is the seemingly clean Duke of Madingley, Christopher Cabot.

Invited to his home for a house party hosted by his sister, she takes advantage of the opportunity to investigate the Duke.  Much to her surprise the he shows, giving Abigail the perfect chance to get to know him.  Offering to pretend to be his object of interest, Abigail and the Duke don't expect to be more than friends who help each other out.

As the house party continues, however, the two begin to find themselves enjoying each other's company.  The Duke struggles with the fact that she is not royalty and Abigail becomes concerned that her impartiality is in jeopardy as she begins to like him.

Never Dare a Duke is a fun read, if a little disjointed in the telling.  There are many characters to keep track of, and the action is full of subplots.  However, itís a good-hearted book, with a nicely thought-out struggle of conscience.  And the fact that the first sex scene doesnít appear until the last third of the book is a nice change of pace.


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