Never a Slave by Jaid Black

Trek Mi Q'an

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419911767

Reviewed by Zayn



Lord Julian Jamieson is on the run from a group of huntresses who seem determined to capture him for one reason only, sex.  If only that was all he had to worry about.  To his horror, Julian finds himself auctioned off as a sex slave, on a planet where women make all the rules.  Can Julian accept life as a slave?

Never a Slave is the first story that I have read in Jaid Black's Trek Mi Q'an world and I liked it.  The concept of a planet where women ruled men made me smile.  In fact, Never a Slave had quite a few humorous bits, especially the emotional reversal between men and women. Julian went through quite an ordeal but managed to maintain his pride, if losing his dignity at times. I was happy for him in the end.


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