Naughty Boys by Ashley Ladd


Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-906811-40-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Sometimes itís hard to keep your sexuality quiet at the office, sometimes itís very lonely.  Ryan Holt has lusted after Drew Mason from afar for what seems like forever.  As it turns out, Drew has had his eyes on Ryan for awhile too.  But, because neither is Ďoutí they donít want to risk making a wrong move.

Christmas time is here and so is the secret Santa gift exchange as well as a masquerade party with cash gifts for the top three winners.  Playing secret Santa with naughty gifts is becoming more exciting by the day for both men.  Who could be leaving the daily naughty presents?  Is it the office flirt with her boobs falling out of every shirt or the man of oneís dreams?

Naughty Boys is fast paced and light hearted lusty fun certain to entertain readers.  The characters are charming, the sex is sizzling hot and the secret Santa theme is timely.  The only letdown for me was the sometimes juvenile dialogue between the main characters considering the very adult sexual behavior.  On the whole, Naughty Boys is delightful fun with an easy, pleasant charm.


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