Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Chicago Stars series


Erotic Contemporary

ISBN:  978-0-060-73457-2, 0-060-73457-4 (Hardcover)

978-0-060-73458-9, 0-060-73458-2 (Paperback)

Reviewed by Sabella



Dean Robillard is at a crossroads in his life, having just realized that he wonít be playing football forever he is driving around aimlessly trying to figure out what his life is really about.  However, Dean isnít much for introspection or enjoying long stretches with only himself for company, so when he drives by a curious looking, yet headless beaver, Dean finds himself stopping just for the entertainment value alone.  What he finds is one angry woman bent on revenge, with a little murder thrown in just to drive the point home, so of course Dean offers to drive her to her destination, after all Ė this is exactly what he was looking for, a distraction from himself.  But the more time Dean spends around Blue, the more he realizes he enjoys her company, completely aside from the sexual tension between them.  Also, as they arrive at Deanís new farmhouse, Blue serves as the perfect buffer between Dean and the collection of family members that start showing up on his doorstep asking for things he canít give them.  But what will Dean do when Blue starts meddling in his family matters?  Will he realize, before Blue moves on to her next adventure, that she means more to him than a mere distraction?

Blue Bailey isnít having one of her best days as she walks down a side road in the middle of nowhere trapped inside a stinky beaver costume.  But when the hunky Dean Robillard pulls over to offer her a ride Ė Blue just knows that fate is just having a great laugh at her expense.  But, finding herself stranded, penniless and terrified Blue willingly, yet warily, accepts Deanís offer for a ride.  What Blue didnít count on was finding the man so attractive, yet charming as he laughs at himself and the world around him.  Yet as Dean contrives more excuses for Blue to stick around, Blue finds herself going along because she just canít make herself walk away from Dean just yet.  However, itís just a matter of time since anyone Blue has ever cared about always ends up walking away from her, so she has turned walking away first into an art form.

Will these two be able to get past their own insecurities and emotional vulnerabilities to find a way to be together?

Natural Born Charmer is a wonderful story that will remind many why they are die-hard fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and it will definitely serve to bring many new one fans into the fold.  As a reader, you can always expect Susan Elizabeth Phillipsí characters to be memorable, but in this book, not only are Blue and Dean fantastic entertainment, the cast of secondary characters are just as interesting and compelling in their own right.  From Deanís secret father to his reformed mother and, not least, his brave, yet vulnerable half-sister, Dean has his hands full, but their stories only serve to enrich Dean, rather than detract from his story or developing romance with Blue.  Not to be outdone, Blue has her own problematic family history that has lead to her wandering lifestyle and reluctance to settle down anywhere.  But when the town eccentric and Dean work to keep Blue around, she gives in, never imagining she will end up doing what she has avoided her entire life Ė growing roots and creating a motley family of her own choosing.  It must be noted that this novel does use several plot devices weíve seen in some of Susan Elizabeth Phillips previous books, but in the end Dean and Blue will charm the pants off of you while they set them on fire with their lava hot passion making you forget the entire world around you!  All in all, Natural Born Charmer is a lava hot read packed full of emotion, action and witty banter that will have you laughing out loud while pulling you into each characters emotional journey Ė donít miss Natural Born Charmer or you will regret it!


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