My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel

Grand Central Publishing


ISBN: 978-0-446-17823-5

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Carson Philips has escaped the confines in which she has been living for most of her life. The ward of a powerful mage, Carson has been sheltered and drugged for years.  When Magellan is seen for the evil that he is, Carson flees from his home and in doing so, steals a talisman said to contain a mage more powerful than Magellan ever thought of being.  Running into Nikodemus, a demonic warlord, she knows that her death is near.  A witch with sporadic unhealthy powers and a desert-fiend usually donít mix but sometimes life hold surprises and two people fated to hate each other just might combine to form the hottest couple around.

Carson made me sad. Not because her character was poorly written or anything of that nature. I was sad because her life seemed to have been taken from her without her knowledge or approval.  She was just learning to live when everything changed for her and I think her luck sucks.  As for Nikodemus, holy moly was he scorching hot.  A desert-fiend, yes, it made me think of sex on a deserted island too, he wanted Magellan stopped at all costs; even Carsonís life.  That is, until he knew her. Then the magnificent demon fell in love with her.  And that is what romance is all about. 

A lot of world building was in My Wicked Enemy. Often it was hard to keep up with but I found reading slowly through those parts helped me along. The secondary characters of My Wicked Enemy are intriguing and I am anxious to see if there is a sequel.  Carolyn Jewel has an interesting and very entertaining release in My Wicked Enemy and I have gladly placed it on my keeper shelf!


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