My Werewolf Lover by Brenda Steele

Amira Press 


ISBN: none given

Reviewed by Lisa



There is wildness within Elspeth or ‘Ellie’ that calls her to the Forbidden Woods far away from the Elven village where she lives.

An innocent walk turns into an adventure when Ellie meets up with the werewolf Conall who easily seduces the willing Ellie.  Conall warns her that she must return to him within one week or he and his men will come to the village for her.

Ellie is promised to another Elf named Tomas and is expected to marry him.  She doesn’t want to cause her family or people any trouble but the sexual craving she has for Conall won’t leave her thoughts or dreams.  Giving in may mean disgrace but it could be the answer to her prayers.

My Werewolf Lover radiates with sensual dominance!  Readers will shudder with pleasure while enjoying My Werewolf Lover if you truly like taking orders from a sexy alpha male.  It may be a quick story but that doesn’t take away from the hot D/s couple found here in the pages of My Werewolf Lover.


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