My Pirate by Mary Suzanne

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Reviewed by Shayna



Gabby Fallon is a successful advice columnist for a small Chicago newspaper.  But Gabbyís world is turned upside down the day Cole Powers walks into her office.  Heís mysterious, handsome, and somewhat piratical.  Too bad heís also threatening to sue her for the supposed bad advice Gabby gave his sister.

Cole is furious when his sister disappears after receiving advice from Gabby.  Yet, when he meets the beautiful columnist, he canít help but be drawn to her.  When Gabby agrees to help Cole track down his sister, he finds he cannot stay angry with her.  With passion burning hot between the pair, can love be far behind?

Every so often itís nice to read a romance that is straightforward, unfussy, and sweet. My Pirate is that kind of story.  Itís a charming tale where the hero falls in love with the heroine, the obstacles are minor, and both characters are people you would like to know in real life.  Gabby is sweet, intelligent, and impossible not to like.  Cole had a few moments where he tried my patience, but otherwise I found him appropriately sexy and charismatic.  Though My Pirate never knocked my socks off, Mary Suzanne has delivered an enjoyable, heartwarming read.


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