My Love Forever by Kate Hofman

Dark Castle Lords

Contemporary mid 20th Century

ISBN: 978-1-921347-48-1

Reviewer: Melissa



Prince Lysandros of Patrai has been homesick for his native Greece. Heís been in exile since a price was put on his head during the Greek Civil War. He would love to go home but even though the war is over, the death threat still hasnít gone away. When he notices a lecture about recent excavations being done in Greece he attends only to find the archaeologist, Genevieve, is everything heís been looking for.  Genevieve finds herself greatly attracted to Lee, but doesnít truly believe that a man like him could find an unglamorous woman like her attractive and is stunned when Lee wants to see her again. Since they are both returning to Paris, they travel together and the more Lee gets to know her, the more he finds himself enchanted. But with jealous friends attempting to tear them apart, assassins trying to kill Lee and the fact that Lee has yet to tell Genevieve who he really is. Does their romance really have a chance?

Kate Hofman draws an amazing storyline. Lee and Genevieve are characters that draw you into the story. Unfortunately, that is where she lost me. While the storyline was one that I wanted to read and the main characters ones who I quickly grew to care about, the secondary characters, especially the jealous women, often seemed over the top to the point of almost being cartoonish. Plus the story just seemed too busy with everything going on. My Love Forever is still a story that makes a reader want more and in my personal opinion with a little more streamlining Kate Hofman is definitely a writer who we could see in print in the future!


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