My Immortal by J.K. Coi

The Immortal, Book 1

Linden Bay


ISBN: 978-1-60202-100-6

Reviewed by Sabella



Amy is tired after working double shifts at the hospital for several days running, and having to walk home in the middle of the night is just the topper she doesn’t need.  However, while walking as quickly as possible she happens to hear what appears to be a mugging or a severe beating in progress, so Amy promptly calls the police, but not before walking into the alley to investigate.  The last thing that Amy expected is to have this one impetuous action plunge her into a world where the unbelievable is not only real but where mistakes can have deadly consequences or to find the one man who might tempt her into risking her heart.

Rhys has been an Immortal for a long time, battling the forces of evil and sending demons back into Hell.  Throughout his long life Rhys has learned that emotional attachments only lead to pain when he fails to protect them from harm, but meeting Amy could change all that – if he only allows it.

But as the battle against evil starts claiming Immortals at an unprecedented rate, Rhys is consumed with plans for vengeance over these deaths and trying to protect Amy from the battle.  But what do you do when the enemy used to be one of your own?

My Immortal is a tale whose central premise is the epic and timeless battle of good versus evil with a dash of romance.  As a whole, this story has an interesting premise that is spoiled by the ultra-slow pace of the plot and touchy-feely aspect of many of the male characters that are supposedly übber-Alpha males.  Amy comes across as a modern independent woman, yet at times she seems to fall into the traditional pit-fall of many romance heroines – taking absurd courses of action in order to prove her independence.  Rhys on the other hand follows the mold of the tortured male hero that only realizes how empty his life is until he meets the right woman.  Also, the pace of the plot feels out of sync with the characters actions as a lot of the narrative is spent setting up a conflict that is then resolved in a few short pages and in a rather simplistic fashion.  Over all, I found that the characters and plot failed to capture my attention and making me feel involved in the story.  My Immortal is not a lighthearted or short read – so pick it up at your own risk.


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