My Fair Monster by Lila Dubois

Monsters in Hollywood, Book 2



ISBN 978-1-60504-265-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Jane Darby is on a mission.  She is obsessed with writing the perfect screenplay about the Monsters that she has learned are real and not just something for children to be afraid of.  She is determined to help them tell their story with a factual and exciting screenplay, even if she is afraid of being attracted to Michael.  Michael on the other hand is seriously attracted to the little human, and will do almost anything to win her over and into his bed.  But, he is upfront about it.  This will be a short affair as he is not interested in a relationship with a human.  Or is he?  The more time he spends with Jane, the more he becomes protective of her as well as wants to keep her in his bed forever.

Now Michael has found a way to get Jane at least partially in his bed.  He will spend a solid week with her and answer her questions about his species as long as she will be his willing sexual partner, sans actual intercourse, for the same week.  Will either be able to walk away after the week, or will they find they might be a perfect match?

Yummy monsters, don’t hide under your bed for this one.  You will want to read My Fair Monster with your mind open to new options for the things that go bump in the night.  Ms. DuBois does a great job setting the scene for these two characters as well as explaining some myths and how erotic “no sex” can be in the correct setting.  I think Ms. DuBois has a winning series on her hands and I enjoyed My Fair Monster and look forward to the next book.


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