Mutual Desire by Donna Grant


Erotic Historical/Fantasy Anthology

ISBN: 978-0-7582-3207-6

Reviewed by Nannette




Arian de Busso, Princess of Tulso, has ventured into the Amazon as a last hurrah before her marriage to a man she doesn’t want. When she and her guards are attacked by the Yanomami, and Arian is taken to their village and prepared as a gift to a member of their tribe, Arian rethinks her desire for adventure.

Jensen D’Argent is an explorer living with the tribe who captured Arian for him.  Jensen wants Arian badly, he always has, but he knows he cannot have her. Not only is Arian with him against her will, but she is promised to another. Although he cannot deny his desire for her, he knows he’ll never have her heart and he wants that just as much.

Arian and Jensen’s love story takes place in a beautiful, almost magical setting.  Because of Jensen’s intense desire for Arian, his noble intentions go out the window, fast. Arian’s innocent desire for Jensen allows him to have his way with her very willing body.  “Enchanted” is very much erotic romance.



Usotae, King of Aldvale, has blackmailed Linarra into spying on Falcor, the Kellian King. Having no choice, Linarra goes, but Falcor is too smart to be outwitted by Linarra’s seduction. He wants her, and he’ll take her, but he’ll remain suspicious until she proves him wrong. Linarra was supposed to get information, but instead she’s falling in love with Falcor.

“Enthralled” is a wonderful story about finding unexpected love. Linarra goes to Falcor under obligation, but ends up wanting him more than anything else. Falcor is a fearless leader and a good man, and “Enthralled” is a charming love story.



Kate’s father has chosen another husband for her. Highland Laird Ewan MacDonald is to be her third. Kate hopes that Ewan is as old as her last two husbands so that she will be rid of him as quickly. Ewan is a young, handsome man, though. He was also expecting another woman to be his bride. Although Kate is not what he originally wanted, Ewan is finding that she is exactly what he wants now.

I am a sucker for Highlanders and Ewan is one hot Highlander! His sex appeal comes from more than just good looks and a gorgeous body. He is charming, and sexy, yes, but he is a commanding leader and a good man who cares about his people and his woman. I love how he sees Kate for who she is and that it doesn’t take him forever to see how good she is for him.  Kate is feisty and the perfect match for Ewan. “Spellbound” is a wonderful historical romance. 


Mutual Desire is erotic and enchanting. “Enchanted,” “Enthralled,” and “Spellbound” are fairytale romances with super sexy men and sinfully hot sex.   These are the kind of stories I love to read, where the men fall hard and fast, and there’s no question as to how they feel. Mutual Desire is satisfying and delicious!


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