Murder Most Gay by John Simpson

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-9817372-3-2

Reviewed by Ley



Patrick St. James is a rookie police officer and after only being on the job a few months heís assigned to work undercover to catch a serial killer preying on gay men.  The assignment isnít too farfetched for him being that he is a gay man, but heís very deep in the closet at work. 

In the mist of doing his job, Pat also worked on his love life, which so far had included three potential love interests, Dean, Bill and Hank.  Pat has been crushing on Dean for a longtime, but Deanís been in a committed relationship. Bill is a new guy in his life and if it wasnít for Dean, he could be first choice for Pat.  And then thereís Hank, a fellow officer working undercover with Pat.  All three men hold an interest for Pat, but which one will hold his heart?

The story concept for Murder Most Gay is great but the execution was not so great.  The authorís writing style and dialogue did not grab me at all.  I also had a difficult time trying to connect with Pat.  I didnít find him to be a likable enough character to have the story told from only his point of view.  Murder Most Gay was not my cup of tea, but other readers may find the mystery aspect and the cop talk, which it indulges in quite heavily, to their liking.


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