Moonfire by Lynne Connolly

Pure Wildfire, Book 3

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419919015

Reviewed by Jo



Jake Keys is a member of the newly famous band, Pure Wildfire and he has a marriage of convenience with his wife, Cheryl.  However, when he is informed that his wife was murdered and that her business partner, Teri, was arrested for it, Jake decides to take a hands-on approach.  The fact that as a firebird Jake will be able to get a good feel on whether Teri is feeling guilty or murderous is also in his favor.

Teri Gilpatrick is still in shock that not only was her good friend and business partner killed but that she was arrested as the suspect.  Teri knew that the community was not happy with how Cheryl lived her life and they still wonder about Teri herself.  But she would have never have expected anyone to be so upset that they would attack Cheryl.  Now she is face to face with Jake Keys. Teri knows that if Jake believes in her then maybe someone will start to search for the real killer and clear her name.

Jake not only believes that Teri is innocent of the murder but he begins to feel something for her almost immediately.  Teri knows about Talents and knows that Jake is one somehow.  Jake and Teri discover not only clues that show her unable to have committed the murder but also some that begin to point to the real killer.  Things really heat up when Jake and Teri stop fighting their attraction and also confront the killer.  Now they can get on with their lives in peace Ė right?  Well maybe not so fastÖ

Jake and Teriís passion in Moonfire was apparent from the very first time they met.  Teri knows that many people in the town donít approve of what they think was going on but she refuses to bow down to them.  Jake has always had a good friendship with is wife and is ready to make sure the person who killed her pays.  I was surprised at how well Jake and Teri meshed right from the beginning but their passion was quick, fast and powerful.  I was also surprised at things that came out in Jakeís background but it all made sense as the plot unfolded.  Jake is a rocker with a heart, soul and passion that captured Teriís.  He also captured my imagination with little trouble.  Moonfire is one of those books that you never want to end but are happy to have read it just because of the characters.      

If you havenít read the first two books in the Pure Wildfire series, I know that you will want to go back and grab them after finishing Moonfire.


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