Mix and Mingle by Chris Owen

Used, Rare and Limited Editions, Book 2

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-514-1

Reviewed by Lisa



The bookcase project is coming along beautifully with Dave Allen taking great care and attention toward the job. As Dave works on the shelves for the private collection above the bookstore he grows to admire Desmond Chase and his partner Wyatt Cole more and more.

His own ‘open’ relationship with his boss Archie is solid and loving.  When Des asks Dave out for dinner he worries that Wyatt and Archie won’t be as comfortable with it as they insist they will be.  Des, Wyatt and Archie sometimes like extra spice in their sex lives whereas Dave is pure ‘vanilla’ as Archie calls it.  Dave has to hope the men mean what they say so that nobody ends up hurt or worse.

Mix and Mingle is a not to be missed treat by talented author Chris Owen.  This second story in the Used, Rare and Limited Editions series, Mix and Mingle is well worth the wait and I can only hope that the next story is as well done.  The story picks up exactly where the last one left off and continues the character driven, blossoming relationships between the couples.  Mix and Mingle is very sexy and fun but just as importantly, it is intelligent, romantic and totally pleasurable to read.


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