Mistress to the Beast by Eve Vaughn

Samhain Publishing

Interracial Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-179-3

Reviewed by Ley



Lila knew if her father lost his shop he would lose his liveli hood, but fighting the ruthless development company that was trying to buy him out may be a losing battle.  When attempts to get her father to sell become suspicious and underhanded Lila seeks out the head of the corporation.  Bursting into Hunter Jamisonís office to demand he cease and desist, Lila was taken aback by what he demanded in exchange for her fatherís shop.

Disfigured in a car accident Hunter Jamison felt he lost everything that mattered when he lost his looks.  He knew no woman would want to be with him if he wasnít rich and powerful, and even then his money wasnít enough for some when faced with having to look at his scarred features on a daily basis.  When Lila stormed into his office with her fiery temper and beauty to match he wanted her like heís never wanted any other woman before, and knew the only way she would want him was to proposition her using her father as leverage.

Mistress to the Beast is a cute twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.  I really liked Lila, sheís a straightforward tell it like it is type of woman.  And even though she succumbed to Hunterís wishes in order to help her father she never held her tongue when it came to telling Hunter what she thought of him.  My feelings for Hunter waffled a bit.  I loved when he showed his vulnerability, but when he wanted to be a nasty brute he did it quite well.  The chemistry and hot erotic sex scenes between these two are explosive.  Mistress to the Beast is a fun and very entertaining read and I enjoyed it immensely.


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