Master of the Game by Emma Petersen

Ellora’s Cave

Exotika, BDSM

ISBN: 9781419917219

Reviewed by Amelia



Single mom Erin Anderson never goes out with anyone. When her best friend Nicci talks her into going to what turns out to be a pain-and play party, Erin isn’t quite ready for what she sees. She runs for the safety of the pool house, thinking she’ll be alone.

Rock musician Liam Donnelly is taking a break from the party, enjoying some time alone in the pool house. When beautiful Erin comes in his dominant side goes into effect and they play a rousing game of “Master May I”. Liam is sure he’s found the woman of his dreams. Erin is thrilled with him, too. There are just a few things she’s worried about, like the fact she has an adult son, and Liam is twelve years younger than she is. Can they work through their differences and make a life together?

Master of the Game is an erotic page-turner featuring a yummy hero. I think many readers will identify with Erin, the single mom who has trouble letting herself enjoy things just for her. I loved watching Liam fight for her, despite the arguments she put up. In fact, I enjoyed this couple so much that the ending made me sad. I would have liked to have more to read in the story.

Fans of light BDSM will enjoy Master of the Game.


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