Marine Love: Weekend Leave by Bobby Michaels

Loose Id

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-59632-800-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Recent high school graduate Robby Trenton is a loner who never got along with other kids in school. Robby is shy, smart, and gay. Rick Patterson is Robby’s next door neighbor’s son. When Rick comes home for weekend leave from the Marines and has no place to stay, Robby invites him to spend the weekend with him. The young men soon discover that the mutual attraction they have for each other is more than lust, but what happens when Rick has to leave?

Robby has always felt alone and Rick’s family doesn’t appreciate what a good guy he is. They find passion and acceptance in each other’s arms. Marine Love: Weekend Leave is not very deep nor are the characters. The romance is sweet but it happens unrealistically fast. Marine Love: Weekend Leave has a very adolescent erotica feel. It is a sex filled, raunchy read but falls short of anything more than that.


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