Manacled in Monaco by Jianne Carlo

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-717-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Life is good for Rolan Anthony Paxton with a fantastic career as wide receiver for the Patriots, tons of money, great looks and a continual rotation of women in his bed.  The problem is that Rolan has become jaded by all the false adulation, greedy women and worst of all a younger wide receiver is vying for his job.

Things have never been easy for Sarita Khan; her Indian father abandoned his Irish American wife and his daughter Sarita during her childhood.  Then her mother is caught having an affair with the local big wig rich husband.  Finally, Sarita gets pregnant the night she looses her virginity to the local football star after their big high school game and the boy leaves town before she can tell him.

Years of tough times and hard work have Sarita, along with her son Anthony Rolan Khan, earning a decent living as cook aboard a private luxury yacht anchored in Monaco.  Imagine Rolanís surprise when he emerges from the stateroom and bumps into his identical image at ten followed by seeing Sarita serving lunch on the yacht.  Sarita and Rolan have a lot to discuss, right now.

The classic story of a hidden love child gets the modern telling in Manacled in Monaco.  Author Jianne Carlo showcases her talent putting together Manacled in Monaco with a fresh, sexy spin.  Sarita is a great female lead character filled with strength, gumption and a loving heart.  Rolan on the other hand is hard to like even though he embraces fatherhood willingly and happily.  His possessiveness and bully attitude grates quickly so that itís really hard to ever like the guy.  For the most part Rolan redeems himself but some might find Manacled in Monaco overwhelmed by a jock jerk.  Having said that, Manacled in Monaco does have a lovely romance with a sweet ending that justifies Saritaís reasons for forgiving Rolan.


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