Male Me by Amarinda Jones

Resplendence Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



When sending sexually explicit emails to her best friend using the office email service, the last thing Delaware Brooks wanted was for her boss Templeton McAdam to read them, especially when he was the subject of the emails.  When sheís called into Templetonís office Delaware expects to be reprimanded, but to her ultimate pleasure Templeton wanted nothing more but to make her fantasies a reality.  Delaware didnít think her experience with Templeton could get any hotter, but that was before his friend Speed joined the fun.

If having to deal with her feelings of being involved and falling in love with two men wasnít hard enough, Delaware also has to contend with a deranged stalker intent on making her suffer for her desires.

Male Me is deliciously erotic, but I wouldnít classify this as a romantic story.  The premise around Templeton and Delaware getting together was a good one, but only on a sexually level, I didnít buy into the love part. I also didnít feel the need for Speed to be in the picture, his presence felt forced.  As a lighthearted sexual romp Male Me was very enjoyable but I couldnít view it on a deeper level than that.


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