Making Over Mr. Right by Judi McCoy

Goddess series, Book 3



ISBN: (10) 0061341436  (13) 978-0061341434

Reviewed by Amelia



Zo, the muse of beauty, has been sent to Earth by her father, Zeus, for one year as punishment for failing a performance review. She has to inspire the people of Earth to be stylish. The one thing she cant do is fall in love with a mortal man. When she meets Theo Maragos she thinks of him as just another way to make her goal for her father, until she gets to know him.

Computer geek Theo is about to be featured in a major New York magazine as one of the top and upcoming IT guys. Unfortunately, his loft features nothing more than college-style furniture, and Theo himself looks like a mountain man. When he sees Zo, he knows shes just the person to help with his transformation. Falling in love with her is just an added bonus.

But Zo is only on Earth for one year, and her time is almost up. Will Theo figure out the woman he loves is a muse, and can he come up with a plan to keep her on Earth, and in his arms?

Making Over Mr. Right is a charming, sweet story. Zo is a no-nonsense muse who wants to get the job done, and get it done right. I loved the way she tackled Theos transformation, both in himself and his personal space. I liked Theo even before he was cleaned up. Hes a nice guy, who proves that computer geeks can be fantastic lovers.

What made this book so much fun for me was the ending. It had me laughing and cheering for Theo to win the woman he loves, and right an old wrong.

Making Over Mr. Right is the third, and last, book in Ms. McCoys goddess series. If you enjoy your romance with a little bit of mythology, then this series is for you. It is a fun, sexy and a tantalizing read.


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