Main Act by BA Tortuga

Boys in the Band, Book 2

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-113-6

Reviewed by Lisa



The holiday season is just around the corner with only a handful of shows left before they all take a well earned break.  Caidon invites Spud/Jamie to spend Christmas with him instead of hanging out on the tour bus with Steve and some of the others.

The two decide to spend their time together in New Orleans.  Itís peaceful and fun, a place where Caidon and Jamie can get to know each other better.  Are they ready to truly become a couple?  More importantly, what will the rest of the band members think or do if Jamie and Caidon are an exclusive couple?

Spicy hot with a sweet romance aptly describes Main Act, the second story in the Boys in the Band series.  The budding romance between Caidon and Jamie is lovely as well as scorching hot while definite tension exists when they return to the other band members. Multi-talented author BA Tortuga certainly knows how to let readers feel all the emotional upheaval of her characters.  Personally I canít wait for the next installment.  Please hurry!


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