Mail Order Bride by Barri Bryan

Linden Bay 


ISBN: 1-905393-84-9

Reviewed by Tori



Chadwick Hamilton is the son of a prestigious family, but in Texas he is known as a gambler and a rogue.    When he wins a mail order bride in a poker game, he is expecting a quiet debutante.  What he got was a feisty independent woman.

Cherry Bloom, a mail order bride, traveled by train to Texas to meet her fiancé only to find out he gambled her away in a poker game.  Cherry is not what Chad thinks she should be and worries that he will find out about her past, especially when she starts to have feelings for her new husband.

Mail Order Bride has one of my favorite plot designs, and for the most part, it lived up to my expectations.  I liked the writing and the plot, but I found some important details were left out.  Chad is angry about being betrayed so badly in the past that he has a hard time trusting Cherry, but we are never told what happened and Cherry seemed too clueless about household tasks for her upbringing.  I did like Mail Order Bride despite these issues.


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