Magic Happens by AKM Miles

Torquere Press

M/M Paranormal

Reviewed by Ley



Halloween was never Trent Caseyís favorite day of the year, but now itís the worst for him being itís the anniversary of the day his lover passed away.  Heartbroken and thinking about his lover, Trent receives a visit from a man who claims to have a message from his dead lover. 

Guy was in a coma when Daniel, Trentís lover, visited him.  Daniel gave Guy a reason to wake up and by the time Daniel was able to visit Trent he was already half in love with him.  After meeting Trent, Guy hoped to convince him it was time to let go of Daniel and start living again.

Magic Happens is a great story.  It was a bit melodramatic in the beginning when Guy informed Trent about his reasons for seeking him out, but I guess I couldnít blame Trent for freaking out as he did.  Trent was hurting and Daniel couldnít move on until he knew Trent was going to be okay.  Guy was just what Trent needed to fill some of the emptiness inside him.  And for Guy, Trent was what was missing from his life too.  Magic Happens is a beautiful and touching story that I very much enjoyed reading.


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