Loving the Rain by Drew Zachary


Single Shot


ISBN: 978-1-60370-405-2, 1-60370-405-1

Reviewed by Raine



The day starts off nasty with rain as Tony stops at his usual haunt Second Cup for his morning caffeine on the way to work. As he is running early, he decides to sit a bit and perhaps miss the worst of the weather. As others seem to have had the same idea, the shop is busy with no open tables left. Spotting another regular, he approaches him asking to share the table. As luck would have it not only does he get a place to sit but ends up with a date as well for that evening.

Tony and Brendan seem to hit it off at coffee and the date goes well. Tony works temping, but his real passion is art. Brendan works for an organization that might be able to help kick start Tonyís career and get his name out there.

Drew Zachary puts together an incredible story in a small timeframe leaving you feeling complete at the end of Loving the Rain. The menís lives are well written. The sex scenes are hot and fast along with some slow and sensuous. And all is done in a believable time frame which I find highly important when Iím reading a contemporary story.  Loving the Rain is an excellent read and one I would suggest to anyone who craves some male on male loviní.


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