Loving Luke by Rayne Forrest

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-182-2

Reviewed by Vicki



Luke has a past that he just cannot seem to overcome.  A mistake that he made when he was eighteen has haunted him to the point that he does not believe that he will ever find someone to be happy with.

Chere has been around the block with men.  She is tired of the same old song and dance and is ready to quit dating all together.  A twist of fate has Luke calling her cellphone and Chere finds herself attracted and interested.  Now if they can only get on the same page.

Loving Luke is good, though in parts I wanted to smack both of the main characters.  Chere and Luke allow themselves to get in the way of what is really going on.  There are lots of sweet and steamy parts to go around and that is what saved Loving Luke for me.



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