Love Thy Neighbor by Amy Ruttan

Eloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419916137

Reviewed by Vicki



David Craig has had a crush on his neighbor for two years and now that she is single again he plans on pursuing the attraction.   He will be home for a week for his sisterís wedding.  Will that be enough time to get passed this infatuation, or will the fulfillment of the fantasy just make it worse.

Beverly is alone and feels discarded and unattractive, that is until David comes back to town.  She has been attracted to him since she moved next door to his parents.  Can she get past her feelings and accept what David is offering or will she run away because of the age difference.

While Love Thy Neighbor is smart and flirty, the writing tends to be a tad bit predictable, but that is not all bad because it was a smooth read and the characters were fun.  I recommend Love Thy Neighbor for a stress breaker in a hectic day, though the juicy love scenes may make you blush out in public.



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