Love Immortal by Kelly Wallace

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 1-59578-330-X

Reviewed by Jo



Theron Ambrose is a vampire with a modern day twist.  He searches nightly for women with broken hearts and makes them feel better when their encounter is over.  No matter how much pleasure Theron gives his nightly partners, he always stays chaste and he must, because giving himself to any woman would mean the loss of his immortality.  Theron has survived over three hundreds years by not risking his heart or body.  One night Theron hits someone with his car, when he looks it's to find a redhead.

Leah Nolan has lost everything in her life and now this accident has placed her at the mercy of a stranger.  However, Theron might be just what the doctor ordered, for both her body and her spirit.  But as time goes on, Leah gets more and more frustrated with the progress of both and the root cause is Theron.  Leah knows that there is something different about Theron but she canít put her finger on it. When she can finally walk again she discovers his secret.   Will the budding love between Theron and Leah be enough for him to give up eternity?

Love Immortal makes you question what is more important, love or immortality.  Theron has believed that his immortality is everything to him until he finally meets the woman he has been avoiding his entire life.  Leah has lost it all, but she is still willing to risk her heart on love.  Together, Leah and Theron slowly heal her body and in doing so find that love is always the answer.  I wondered at Leah and Theron as their relationship grew and up until the final pages I would never have believed they would end up together.  But I could tell that Leah was making inroads with Theron and just what he wanted.  Theron is a unique type of vampire and therefore so are his issues.  Love Immortal is a different, sometimes bittersweet, type of love story between two very strong characters.


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