Love Bites by Camren August, Erin O’Riordan, C.C. Bridges, Dianne Fox, Vic Winter, BA Tortuga, BA Collins and Giselle Renarde

Torquere Press

Ménage Anthology (M/M/F)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-414-4, 1-60370-414-0

Reviewed by Sabella



“Plus One” by Camren August

Ritchie joins the cast of a well-known soap opera; he becomes the pet project of veterans Toni and Trey.  But as they become fast and inseparable friends, the last thing Ritchie expects is the entire package of love that he never knew he wanted…

“Plus One” is a fun and steamy story that proves the adage that while opposites attract, they do need a balancing factor – in this case Ritchie, who has the time of his life being in the middle of Toni and Trey!


“Oliver's Famous Clam Chowder” by Erin O’Riordan

Natalie and Matthew are mates and thoroughly enjoy their nature as shifters, but when a vampire friend sends them to an extraordinary beachfront restaurant they end up with a surprise that just might be more than they can handle…

“Oliver's Famous Clam Chowder” is a steaming hot tale that explores a different side of the shifter nature and how it might blend with an old vampire.  Natalie and Matthew are different and intriguing characters than you usually meet.


“CatsEye” by C.C. Bridges

Jason has been lusting after his “library buddy” Cooper for a long time, but since Cooper is straight as an arrow and with a girlfriend, Lexi, to boot!  So Jason knows he doesn’t have a chance, right?  But then Cooper and Lexi surprise Jason at so many levels that Jason can’t figure out how to take it or where to start…

“CatsEye” is a surprisingly erotic tale that springs a little kink as a surprise that serves to heat things up between Jason, Cooper and Lexi and leaves you panting for breath!


“Birds of a Feather” by Dianne Fox

Ross is an oddity within a world dominated by shifters and their clans since he is neither fully human not animal - but something in between.  However, he has found a measure of acceptance and love with Lindy, although bullies still find Ross an easy target.  But when Tau shows up as a protector for Ross, will Ross have the courage to grab the chance?

“Birds of a Feather” is a strangely compelling tale with unique shifters that will hold your attention, if for nothing else, for their strangeness.  Still, this story is so hot it might burn your fingers.


“Tilt-a-Whirl Kisses” by Vic Winter

Callie leads a well-settled life with her husband Josh.  However, when her first flame, famous rock star Buzz Sol, rolls into town things take a turn for the strange, but explosively hot between Callie, Josh and Buzz, Callie needs to decide if she will take the leap.

“Tilt-a-Whirl Kisses” is hot, hot, hot!  This story is funny and so, so steamy it will leave you all worked up for a good while, so have something to cool down with at hand – you will need it!


“Marked” by BA Tortuga

When Troy finds Law, a fellow dumpee of Jo, the bitch vampire, they put their heads together and develop a great revenge plan.  But what will they do when the revenge turns all three of them on their heads?

“Marked” is a fun vampire story that is as erotic as it is fun.  Don’t pass up Law and Troy with their witty and sarcastic banter.


“Quittin Time” by BA Collins

Gail is just putting her time in at the machine shop to get herself through college.  But when her boss, Frank, and Ewen, the hottie she has been watching, ask her out to have a beer, she gets much more than that, but will she be able to handle it?

“Quittin Time” is a story full of kink and strange characters that somehow manage to almost mesh into something interesting.  However, Gail doesn’t ever really feel as an equal partner in this ménage, while Frank and Ewen find themselves at the beginning of a possible relationship.


“The Regular” by Giselle Renarde

Toby has been working side by side with his best friend Saada, who has helped him through many a heartbreak.  But it takes the super-sexy guy they call ‘The Regular’ to make Toby take notice…

In “The Regular”, love comes alive with a stranger mixed in with two friends.  Toby is a charming geek, while Saada is a compelling rebel.  Don’t miss the unveiling of the mysterious stranger that brings them together!

Love Bites is an interesting collection of stories by some lesser-known authors that will serve as a great taste to figure out if any of these authors hit the spot for you.  The stories range from the expected to the strange, to the kinky, to the downright unpredictable.  Pick up Love Bites for a trip into the unknown that will leave you hot beyond belief!


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