Looking for Some Touch by K. Z. Snow

Loose Id

M/M Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-835-8

Reviewed by Ley



Working as a sex giver in the Overcity wasnít an ideal job, but for Pablo Creed it was a living. He had a decent shift and if he chose too he could go into assigned service and only give sex to one or two clients, but the risk of being saddle to a person he did not find attractive was too much to bear. And when that fear came to light after a night with a sadistic client who decided he wanted to keep him, Pablo knew he needed to disappear quickly.  Answering a want add for a new job as a ďTouchĒ Pablo leaves the Overcity for the Undercity and the Coven of Three.

As the new Touch, Pablo introduced a sexual spark to keep the energy strong within the trio.  Being that the Coven of Three were very sexy men made the job easy, especially his instant attraction to Win.  Cast between Win, Tole and Zee, three very different men, and fitting in with the Undercity starts to take itís toll on Pablo especially, when it seems his attraction to Win may cause trouble between him and Tole.  Pabloís escape to the Undercity may be more than he can handle.

Looking for Some Touch is a unique and very intriguing story. The world created by KZ Snow is like nothing I have ever read about before.  Thereís a lot to take in with this book and so much to tell it couldnít be told in one story. I didnít view this so much as a romance but as a really good sci-fi with a strong sexual attraction on the side. I felt a connection between all four of the men and there is obviously history between Tole and Win but the story focused more on Win and Pablo.  I viewed Looking for Some Touch as a great start to a very interesting series and I canít wait to see what comes next.  Readers looking for a story that will hold their interest and keep them on edge as to what will happen next Looking for Some Touch is the book for them.


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