Long, Slow Ride by Mardi Ballou

Oh Yum!

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419916083

Reviewed by Tanya



Lori Nelson is just not enjoying this wedding reception for some of her co-workers.  Her long time boyfriend and she have broken up and she is just getting bored and depressed.  That is until the chauffer asks her to dance.  This boy has one smoking body and while she figures he is just being polite she decides to have fun.

Lori thinks nothing can come of this dance or the follow-up “ride in the limo” as there is too much of an age difference.  Though she doesn’t know when she has ever had a more attentive lover or nicer man in her arms.  But, her personal hang-ups on their eleven year age difference might just path Jeff wants to take them on.  He isn’t in it for a one-night stand.

I originally picked Long, Slow Ride as I thought it was a "cougar" story but in reality the smart and mature one in this story was the younger man.  The woman worried a little too much about what everyone else thought and not herself.  While this might be true, I have to say I prefer my fantasy men and women to be smarter than I am.  Once I got by that fact, I was able to enjoy the very well written super erotic, scenes by Ms. Ballou, as well as the character development.  Overall I think you will enjoy Long, Slow Ride even if you have moments where you think Lori is TSTL (too stupid to live).


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