Liquid Heat by Ashley Ladd

Total-e-bound Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-906590-77-2

Reviewed by Ley



Engaged to be married and traveling Georgiaís country roads on his way to meet his fiancťe, Joshua Dalyís life takes an unexpected path after he wrecks his car and find himself stranded in the middle of nowhere.  It wasnít that he wrecked his car by crashing into a deer, or that his rescuer brought him to his home, which was a nudist colony, that had Joshua flustered and confused.  It was more the fact that he found himself very attracted to his very male and very sexy rescuer.

Paul Norris, thought he was doing a good deed taking in the stranded tourist while he fixed his car, but falling for a straight guy was putting himself in harms way.

Liquid Heat was a great story idea, but I didnít feel it was very well executed. The character connection was not developed enough and I didnít feel Paul and Joshua had any chemistry.  I also wasnít taken with how the supporting characters were portrayed, specifically the women. I think maybe the story needed to be longer to build a connection between the main characters.  Liquid Heat just wasnít my cup on tea.


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