Life or Something Scary Like That by TC Blue

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-323-9

Reviewed by Ley



Jack Culter was looking forward to moving into his new apartment with his best friend Paul, but when the time came to move in all Jack’s plans were changed.  First off Paul bailed on him to move in with his pregnant girlfriend Melissa and then Paul and Melissa took the liberty of finding him a new roommate, Melissa’s gay brother Cliff.

Jack was not looking for a relationship, and the attraction he felt toward Cliff was one he tried hard to ignore.  When Cliff gets involved with someone else Jack couldn’t keep his feelings to himself any longer.

Life or Something Scary Like That has a wonderful ensemble cast. The characters are fantastic and fun.  I loved the plot of the story as well, but I found the writing style a bit hard to get into in the beginning.  I would have liked for the writer’s technique to be a bit smoother, but as I continued to read I liked the story better and better.  I also would have liked to have a bit more focus on Jack and Cliff’s relationship, there was more relationship building between their well-meaning meddlesome friends than between them, and Cliff and Jack’s communication skills with each other were extremely frustrating.  Even after they revealed how they felt about each other they still had trouble trusting in each other.  I feel the author, TC Blue, has more to tell about Life or Something Scary Like That and I have a strong feeling Ben, the voice of reasoning between Cliff and Jack, will have a lot to do with it.  In the end Life or Something Scary Like That was a good story and I’m glad I stuck with it because there is so much about it to like.


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