Legend by Carol Lynne, Brynn Paulin, Bronwyn Green and Lacey Thorn

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Reviewed by Willow



True love is the stuff of legendsÖ


A Legend Arises by Brynn Paulin

Ailig Bennett has not seen his bride since their wedding day and he is eagerly awaiting his return to her. Theirs is a love match. He has a beautiful bride gift for heróa necklace with a beautiful green stone wrapped in silver blessed with a promise of eternity together. When Emma is taken from him, Ailig sends the necklace out to sea with a prophecy of true love for anyone who finds it before he joins his Emma for eternity.

If A Legend Arises had been a stand alone story, I would have been extremely disappointed. But itís not. The story of Ailig and Emma is so moving I had tears in my eyes when I finished reading. This is the perfect introduction to the other stories in this anthology.


Gaining Hope by Lacey Thorn

The last thing Shawn and Tommy expect to find in the bedroom of their boat is a woman, especially one they are both so drawn to. Seems so strange after finding the bottle with the necklace and message in it. Hope chose their boat to hide on because she was drawn to it. Felt like it was the key to a new beginning for her as well as a way to escape. It feels so right to be here with her men as they throw the bottle back into the sea.

Gaining Hope is a little more than expected at the end. But itís the best kind of ending. I really liked Shawn and Tommy even though they played Hope just to see how far she would take her story. Hope is assured that her life from here on out is going to be better than she ever imagined it could be. Loved this second love story.


Moonlit Magic by Bronwyn Green

Kieran Brennan is cursed. The woman he loves ran away five years ago but now sheís back (thanks to the necklace he found on the beach?). Beckett didnít trust Kieran not to leave her when she needed him most, so she left first. Now that she has returned, she knows sheíll never be able to be without him. Wouldnít it just figure that thereís a catch.

Moonlit Magic is a faerie story for adults and what a story it is. Such a spicy and wonderful to read. I had fun with this one and I think everyone should read it. So come on and feel like a kid againÖ..okay, not really. But it is fun.


Healing Doctor Ryan by Carol Lynne

Ian Fitzgerald has a new philosophy about life---live it to itís fullest. He has been cancer free for one year now and knows how precious each day is. So Ian asks his oncologist out to dinner. Bran has been attracted to Ian for much too long but has mixed feelings about pursuing a relationship with him. What if all he has to look forward to is watching Ian get sick again? When the worst seems to have happened, Bran hopes the necklace he found will work itís magic. Because how could ever be happy without Ian?

M/M fans will love this contribution to the Legend anthology. Each day is to be savored and Ian knows that all too well. Ian is Healing Doctor Ryan in the best possible way. The best cure for the heart is love and Ian and Bran have that in spades.


A Legend Accomplished by Brynn Paulin

Emily Harteger is writing the perfect love story. Her characters feel so real to her and this place she has come to to write feels like coming home. Alec Woods spots Emily sitting on a boulder. He has no reservations as he kisses her and tells her that heís glad she has finally come, heís been waiting for her. Emily is frightened and escapes to her car and away but she canít stop thinking about the man who kissed her. Why does it feel as if she belongs with him? When memory comes flooding back and two souls are rejoined in true love, anything is possible for the lovers. They have the future.

I absolutely love A Legend Accomplished. I am a sucker for a happy ending and I was not disappointed with this one. When I was finished reading I was smiling and humming to myself. There is definitely something to be said for happily ever after.


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