Lady Knight by Marisa Chenery

Siren Publishing

Erotic Historical

ISBN: 1-60601-132-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Lady Ariel of Elmstead met the man of her dreams and let things go a little too far during their chance meeting.   While the outcome of the encounter left her with child, she is not completely unhappy with the event.  Though she is out to prove that the father definitely misjudged this Saxon Lady.  She has long known that she is a bit of a natural fighting with a sword, while the Saxons in general prefer the battle ax.  She studies and becomes proficient enough to lead her fatherís men during the Norman invasion, though she is disguised as a boy, many can see through this disguise. Will her mysterious Norman Knight?  At the Battle of Hastings she meets up with the one man she thought she might never see again outside of her dreams.  But Broc St. Ceneri, Norman Knight and friend of the new King is suddenly drawn to the Saxon who reminds him of the woman of his dreams.

Broc trains the Saxon boy and even Knights him, still unaware that Ariel and the boy are the same person.  In fact, he even takes a wife when Ariel does not willingly reveal her secret.  But, will they ever become a couple or are they destined to be star crossed lovers?

Lady Knight was an intriguing and fast paced story. I was surprised how much Ms. Chenery put into one small tale. Lady Knight also spent a bit of time talking about the differences between the Normans and Saxons, some of which including the treatment of serfs I had not thought of before and I found it intriguing. Lady Knight is the definite star-crossed loversí story with the twist of a woman in a male role at the turn of the first century. I thoroughly enjoyed lady knight and was pulled into the story from the beginning. If you are a fan of medieval romances then you will thoroughly enjoy Lady Knight.


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