Knight’s Fork by Rowena Cherry

The Gods of Trigon, Book 3

Love Spell

Futuristic/Sci Fi

ISBN: 9780505527400

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



As the Queen Consort of the Volnoth, Electra-Djerroldina is looked upon to reproduce. Her lack of fertilization month after month is not blamed on her husband, she is the one that gets the stares and looks even though it is not her fault.  Coming up with a quick scheme to become pregnant, Electra is now on the hunt for a sperm donor.  When her eyes look upon Prince Djarrhett, a Saurian Djinn, she knows she has found her match.  All she has to do is convince him to agree to her plan and keep his mouth shut.

Rhett is taken aback by Electra’s quickly spoken proposal but he knows that there is NO way he is going to take her up on her offer – to do so would mean death if they are found out. Then there is the small matter of his vow of chastity.

Rowena Cherry has penned a delightfully intense and sometimes comedic read with Knight’s Fork.  Surrounded by enemies, dealing with family, and focusing on their own desires, Rhett and Electra are two main characters I won’t soon forget.  Rowena Cherry continues to successfully release novels of worth of which Knight’s Fork is my new favorite! I can’t wait to see what this enchanting and original author comes up with next!


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