Knights & White Satin by Cash Cole

Ellora's Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419916328

Reviewed by Ley



Rich and single, Mike Williams lives his life as he wants.  After meeting Lee DeAngelis in a bar, all Matt wants is to get to know him better, but Lee isnít as free and single as Matt would like.  Lee comes with baggage, a platonic marriage to a spouse who is terminally ill and a son conceived out of friendship. 

Unwilling to lose Lee, Mike takes control of the situation and opens his home to Lee and his family.  Will Mike be able to handle the new responsibilities he invited into his life?

Knights & White Satin is a pleasant ensemble story.  It has its sweet and sad moments and it has a lot of comedic moments from the wide range of supporting characters in the story.  Lee and Mike are good together and they have a strong chemistry, but individually neither one of them come across as a strong character.  Even though Mikeís life was his own and he could live it and do as he please he really didnít have much of a purpose in life until he met Lee.  I also would have liked Lee to be a bit stronger in personality but both characters were very likable and that helped to make Knights & White Satin a pleasing story.


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