Kiss of a Dark Moon by Sharie Kohler

The Moon Chasers, Book 2



ISBN: 978-1416542285

Reviewed by Amelia



Kit March is a rogue lycan hunter, going against the rules of NODEAL, the National Organization Against Ancient and Evolving Lycanthropes, which doesnít allow female hunters. She hopes one day theyíll change their minds though, and let her hunt legally, and for a paycheck. Then everything changes when EFLA, The European Federation of Lycan Hunters, merges with NODEAL, and basically takes over. EFLA is even more rigid than NODEAL, and theyíve put a price on Kitís head.

Rafe Santiago is the EFLA agent assigned to take out Kit. Rafe is tough, and one of the organizationís top agents. He goes after Kit with a vengeance. He finds himself attracted to her, and knows that will get in the way. He has to get past her rough exterior to let her in on his secrets, but life intervenes first, and she finds out the hard way that Rafe isnít exactly who she thinks he is.

Kiss of a Dark Moon is the second book in the Moon Chasers series. The action is intense, and the story line was intriguing. Rafeís secret made the book interesting for me, and as such I would have liked to have seen it explored earlier in the book.

Kitís rough exterior made her a little hard for me to relate to. Still, Rafe and Kit are a good match, and their relationship proved interesting.

Kiss of a Dark Moon is a good follow-up to Marked by Moonlight, the first book in the Moon Chasers series, and it will be interesting to see where the series goes next.


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