March: Kiss Me by Jamie Craig

Calendar Boys, Book 3

Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-223-1

Reviewed by Lisa



As a professional photographer, it was easy for Mal Donnelly to take photos of nude men but it was hard to keep his objectivity around porn star Alejandro Marroquin.  Mal really has a thing for Alejandro but figures he doesnít have a chance.  Why would the hot stud be interested in him?

Alejandro makes a living with his body on display but yearns for a lover who wants his thoughts and feelings to matter as well.  Previous relationships have failed because his partners canít handle his career and Alejandro is tired of guys who canít understand that it is just a job.

Mal and Alejandro secretly admired and lusted after each other for months before they finally try dating.  There is definite chemistry and shared interests that could mean the beginnings of something special.  But, Mal will need to overcome his lingering insecurities and Alejandro will need patience with Mal so they can avoid the pitfalls awaiting these two men.

March: Kiss Me is another entertaining M/M tale from talented author Jamie Craig.  Mal and Alejandro are great main characters with intelligence and humor.  I enjoyed March: Kiss Me but didnít feel the emotional turmoil as much as I did in the previous two stories.  March: Kiss Me is decidedly erotic and fun to read but itís just a bit Ďliteí on emotional depth.


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