Keeley's Curse by Sophia Danu


Paranormal / Werewolf / Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-55487-154-4

Reviewed by Jo



Keeley is from a long line of magical women and one of her gifts is that of a seer, but right now it only happens as the event is happening. So when she sees her beloved grandmother being murdered, she knows it is actually happening and not something in the future. Keeley goes home to Blue Springs, Kentucky to handle everything and knows that she will pick up where her grandmother left off. Keeley knows that the police have the killer in custody but she knows he was acting for someone else, something or one much more evil. Another fly in her plans is Alex, her first love, who is back home now also. He already stomped on her heart once and she doesn't want to give him the chance to do it again.

Alex is the sheriff now. He knows that he hurt Keeley badly when he rejected her and then left years ago. Alex feels that he had very good reason for doing so and once he came to terms with his secret, Alex went back to Blue Springs only to find Keeley had left for college. Her grandmother kept telling him to wait but he is done waiting now. Keeley is back home and he is going to let her know that she his is mate in every sense.

When going through some of her grandmother's magical books, Keeley finds that the women in her family have been cursed for many years. According to the books and a prophecy, one sorceress who mates with a wolf will be able to break the curse and destroy the demon that plaques them. The feelings between Alex and Keeley don't stay down for long, and Keeley discovers later that there is much more about Alex then even he has told her. Keeley and Alex come together in a strong relationship but will their feelings be enough to defeat the evil that his threatening their very lives?

Keeley's Curse combines the two very different types of magical characters. Keeley is a sorceress from a long family line but she hasn't come into her true powers just quite yet. Alex is an alpha werewolf who left the woman he loved until he was able to control everything. How they work together using both their powers to destroy the demon was wonderfully written. Keeley and Alex feelings reach out and grab you, not only when they come together but also when they are still fighting their attraction. Keeley's Curse is a page-turner that kept me going from start to finish; in my case it is a keeper to be reread. This is the first story I have read from Ms. Danu but I am planning on searching for others.


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