Kamikaze by Moira Rogers

Last Call, Book 1


ISBN: 978-1-60521-048-3

Reviewed by Zayn



Zoe Bennett is a single werewolf and she is in heat-not a good combination.  There's only one place she can think of going to take care of her situation.   Last Call bar is the supernatural hotspot and placing a drink order lets the crowd know exactly what you've come for.  Zoe orders a Kamikaze: werewolf in heat, looking for a temporary mate.

Connor O'Malley is a computer security specialist.  He stops by Last Call on a job but work is forgotten when he sees who placed the Kamikaze order.  Connor takes one look at Zoe and he is determined to be the temporary mate she needs.  Will either of them be able to walk away when the night is over?

Need brought Connor and Zoe together for a night but the blossoming romance is obvious.  Kamikaze gives just a taste of what Connor and Zoe will have and that taste was delicious.


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