Juliet Rising by Cleo Cordell

Black Lace Books


ISBN-10: 0352341920

ISBN-13: 978-0352341921

Reviewed by Ley



Set in the eighteenth century, when women were what their husbands allowed them to be, Juliet was a woman whom decided to call the shots.  Attending the

Madame Nicolís Academy for young women where she is to learn poise, etiquette and the ways of a noble woman, Juliet learns a lot more than what Madame Nicolís Academy can teach her.

Juliet Rising is highly erotic and entertaining.  It opens on a lust and passion filled note that continues throughout the story.  Readers looking for a story about female domination, and a woman who knows how to use her feminine wiles, will very much enjoy Juliet Rising.  Cleo Cordell is a descriptive writer; she paints vivid pictures of the desire and heat between her characters.  Juliet Rising is not a book to be missed for the erotica fans.


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