Jinx by Jennifer Estep

Bigtime, Book 3

Berkley Sensation

Paranormal / Humor

ISBN: 978-0425220627

Reviewed by Jo



Bella Bulluci wants nothing to do with superheroes or ubervillains, too bad she is completely surrounded by them in her city of Bigtime.   Add  in the fact that her family has a history of being superheroes and that she has a power that is more of a hindrance than a help and you have a few of the facts of her current life.  Bella has a huge passion – the arts.  As a matter of fact, she has been working hard on a new exhibit and gala for the museum.  It’s almost time for the opening and now she has to hope luck is on her side – oops maybe she should not have thought that.

Debonair is a hero, if not a superhero, who has a secret.  He has wanted Bella for a long time.  Debonair is nothing like his real self when the mask and costume goes on; he can be the playboy as Debonair.  During the gala, he will have the chance to show Bella his stuff when an ubervillian crashes the party to steal a gemstone. 

Bella has not changed her mind about being involved with any of the above, but there is something about Debonair that makes her wonder if maybe he could change her mind.  But danger follows anyone who protects the innocents and Bella has already lost a loved one that way.  Debonair and Bella come together again to defeat the ubervillains who stole the gemstone and threatened her.  When the smoke disappears and the dust settles, can Debonair show Bella that not all superheroes are a bad choice or is this romance going to go “poof” and disappear?

Fair warning; do not drink while reading Jinx as you will spend a good portion of the time laughing.  Bigtime is full of superheroes and ubervillains and their alter egos, Bella is surrounded by them but would like to just live a nice normal life – yeah right like that is going to happen.  Debonair is well known by Bigtime as his other self.  As Debonair he is thought of as a playboy and a hero that may or may not be good.  Flames and sparks came every time Bella and Debonair come in contact together.  I loved both Bella and Debonair and just how they fit together. I also loved that the plot was fast paced and kicking.   After my exposure to Bigtime, I will never forget all that a superhero and ubervillan go through the next time I see a superhero cartoon.  The humor, passion, outrageous costumes and super gadgets let Jinx be fun loving and perfect for escaping the real world for a few hours.


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