Jewels of the Nile II Caveman Anthology

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Romance

IDBN: 9781419916540

Reviewed by Elysia



“After Dark” by Kyann Waters

Kayla has never had an orgasm, and she is determined to finally have one even if she has to pick up the sexiest man she can find at After Dark, the hot and happening club. Alandro just happens to be that man, and the fact he’s hiding something from her doesn’t even enter her radar.

 “After Dark” by KyAnn Waters is the first in this volume of the Jewels of the Nile anthologies. It offers a sexually frustrated woman and an alpha vampire that is sure of what he wants and needs. Unfortunately, this story wasn’t to my taste at all. I found explanations pat and accepted too easily, and no true relationship developed between the two main characters. Maybe if I had gotten to know Kayla a bit better I would have been more drawn into the story.

“From the Sea” by Maxie Cooper

Kelli is looking for something, but she isn’t exactly sure what it is. A sense of longing has always been with her, and it seems to call her to the ocean. An ocean she is deathly afraid of. So when Shawn offers her everything she has ever needed or wanted, can she brave her fears to find her heart?

“From the Sea” was exactly what a short erotic romance should be. A story with an intriguing plot, one that makes you believe that dreams can come true, that we all have a true love somewhere out there ready to fill that emptiness inside. In just the first page I felt Shawn’s dejection and sadness as well as his hope. I felt Kelli’s uncertainty and need as well as her desire. I felt for these two characters, wanted them to get together, to be what they could be together. I will be looking for anything more by Maxie Cooper that I can find.

“Lady’s Choice” by Rebecca Airies

Kyrna, Drace and Finn are trapped for the next two days, alone on a new space base.  Kyrna is assured that she’s in no danger, at least not from anything but the two men and their desires.

“Lady’s Choices” story had promise, but I felt like it needed more. The shifts between sex and “business” were too quick and it left me feeling like I was missing something. I would have loved more explanation as to why the men knew that she was their third after just seeing her a couple times while she was doing her duties. Although the sex was hot and frequent, I am sure I would have enjoyed this story much better had it been at least a few thousand words longer.

“Sunrise” by Natasha Moore

Caroline looks forward to her clandestine meetings with her lover, Alan. They meet, have sex, and then part. No emotions, no pain. It’s just the way she wants it. Or is it?

“Sunrise” is the only first-person present tense “Caveman” story I have ever read, and I found it interesting and well presented, as well as strange at times. I enjoyed the deep point-of-view that Ms. Moore presented us in this story and learned more about Caroline than I would have any other way. 

“Surrender Dorothy” by Anna J. Evans

Gelsey considers herself lucky to have the seamstress job for the production of Wizard of Oz, and if getting a chance to see the sexy tin man regularly is a perk, she will gladly stay here as long as needed.

“Surrender Dorothy” was not my cup of tea. Gelsey wasn’t given much of a choice, and no information at all before she had sex with the hero, even after she asked for an explanation. Although the hero acknowledged this after, I was unable to grow to like him.

“The Debutante” by Samantha Kane

Dominic, Viscount Lethbridge, is tired of the whole marriage-market affair, and would be perfectly happy to continue his life of discreet sexual liaisons with willing women and his best friend Benford. That is until he sees the not so beautiful Clarissa Welliston.  Something about her has gotten under his skin, and he won’t be happy until he has her.

I avoid historicals like the plague. There is something about them that bother me. BUT I have to say that I enjoyed “The Debutante” by Samantha Kane much more than I would have ever expected to. It was very sensual, well rounded and presented an entire story. I will be looking for more by Ms. Kane, whether they be historical or not.

Ellora’s Cavemen Jewels of the Nile II had a varied group of stories, none alike. Although I found a couple of them extremely enjoyable, the rest I found sadly lacking and not to my taste. Perhaps in volume three, I will find more that I like.


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