Jewel by Beverly Jenkins

Grayson Grove Series


African American Historical

ISBN:  0061161357

Reviewed by Tori



Eli Grayson is trying to get the town newspaper up and running again, but no investors will risk their money on the confirmed bachelor.   Having no other options he asks his long time friend Jewel to pretend to be his wife, just for the night.  Soon the people of the small town find out about the marriage and Eli has no choice but to marry Jewel secretly so that he does not lose the paper.

Jewel never thought the plan was a good one and now she is angry that she is being forced into marriage.  She plans to make the best of it until she can find a way out of the vows in a year or two.  The attraction grows from a friendship into a true love match quickly, but will the sparks be put out when a former lover of Eliís comes back to cause trouble?

Jewel is a touching and sensual romance.  Jewel is just the right amount of strong for a woman and Eli is the classic bad boy turned good man.  I do think that Cecile was a bit over the top and the story would have been just as good without the bad guy plot.  Overall I really liked Jewel, it was a good read.


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