It Takes a Hero by Lynn Lorenz

Loose Id

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-797-9

Reviewed by Ley



Lt. Tony Richmond’s life takes a turn for the worst.  Losing his leg in combat and then abandon by his lover, Tony falls into a depression.  His sister Claire watches as her brother becomes less and less of what he used to be and more withdrawn from the world. Needing to do something, Claire hires a physical therapist to help Tony become more independent in hopes it will boost his confidence.  Claire’s good intentions backfire when Marcus Jamison shows up and Tony’s instant attraction to him cause him to be more self-conscience of his physical presence. 

Afraid of embarrassing himself Tony refuses Marcus’ help.

Marcus’ determination and refusal to give up on Tony starts to pay off, and Tony begins to see a glimpse of his old self again.  Tony’s attraction to Marcus turns to adoration.  As Marcus helps Tony find his confidence he quickly loses his heart.

It Takes A Hero is a very sweet story.  I loved the way it began but then as it progressed it started to get a bit predictable, but no less enjoyable.  Tony is a great character and terrific narrator for the story.  The ending is really good, but it could have been better if a couple of symbolic gestures had been mentioned earlier in the story.  I felt the reader impact would have been greater.  Even with that said It Takes a Hero is a feel good story that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.


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