It Must Be Love by Rebecca Ruger

Trilogy No. 104

Linden Bay


ISBN: 1-905393-83-0

Reviewed by Ley



“Love Comes Softly”

Ariel Chapman thought Ethan, Earl of Strathmore invited her to his home for a job of cataloguing his library, but the Earl thought she was coming for something totally different.  Ariel is hurt by Ethan’s assumptions about her, and Ethan is appalled with himself for making such a big mistake.   Ethan wants nothing more than to rectify his mistake and he sets out to do just that and convince Ariel that he wants her in his life and not just his bed.

“Love Comes Softly” is a very sweet love story.  Ariel is the type of heroine that will have readers wanting her to be loved and protected and Ethan was the perfect hero for her.  Ariel’s reaction to the presents Ethan gave her was so incredibly endearing it just made me smile.  I also found Walter to be just the right amount of comedic relief.

“This Kiss”

Alexander, the Earl of Ross offered his protection of marriage to the sister of the man who saved his life.  When he laid eyes on the beautiful Eskaline MacGregor, he was quite happy to pay his debt.  Eskaline was not indifferent to the union.  She found herself immediately drawn to Alex and found no fault with their engagement.  Although it seemed as if all were in favor of Eskaline and Alex’s betrothal, there was one who was not, Sir Hugh.  Young, sweet and harmful only to himself, Hugh tries desperately to rid himself of any competition for Eskaline’s heart and save her even though she doesn’t feel she need saving.

“The Kiss” is an enjoyable story.  Alex and Eskaline were smitten with each other from the start.  Hugh’s childish behavior and his attempts to rescue Eskaline when she obviously did not require it was quite comical, and in some situations a tad bit annoying. 

“All In Love Is Fair”

Leyton March has always held Anna’s heart but he never knew it.  Leyton saw Anna as his best friend’s little sister, as the years passed he now see her as a beautiful young lady and he is fascinated with her.  Anna is unsure of how to take Leyton new found interest and it will take a lot of convincing for her to believe that the man she has sworn to love always could be interested in her.

“All In Love Is Fair” is a great read. Anna is a very strong quick-witted young lady and the perfect match for Leyton. I liked this story very much.

It Must Be Love is a fantastic trilogy.  Rebecca Ruger produce three stories that are romance at its finest.  I enjoyed them all and know many readers will love them too.


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